Information Session: Sydney Morning Herald Vintage Photo Archive

3:00pm Wednesday, 21 June 2017
5:00pm Wednesday, 21 June 2017
Museum of Applied Arts & Sciences
500 Harris Street
Ultimo, New South Wales 2000

As many of you know, the vintage photograph archive from the Sydney Morning Herald had been sent to the US to be digitised several years ago. The physical prints were recently purchased by Daniel Miller, the owner of Duncan Miller Gallery in Los Angeles, and a specialist in photographs.

The two million photographs contain a living history of Australia, and Daniel is working hard to repatriate these back to Australia with our help. His team is busy sifting through the archive, organising it into smaller sections of interest, with the aim of making them available for museums and other collecting and research institutions in Australia. Areas include but in no way are limited to:

Whaling and Maritime
Horse Racing
Indigenous People
Crime and Law
Business people
Australian history
Specific regions and towns

There is a trove of unique historical artefact information in these photographs.

Important names in photography like Max Dupain, Wolfgang Sievers, Jeff Carter, David Moore, Olive Cotton are all represented.

There is obviously a lot of interest in this vast archive, one of the most important sets of Australian history that has ever been available to acquire.


You are invited to a short presentation by Daniel including questions and answers relating to the archive and how the acquisition plan works.

Information regarding the digital uses of this material will be discussed as well.

We will endeavour to Facebook Live the presentation for those who can not attend the session but this is not guaranteed.

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If you would like more information on the archive, or to purchase photos, please contact Daniel Miller on

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