MGA Statement of support for LGBTIQ+ community

Many Museums Galleries Australia members are part of the LGBTIQ+ community and help to make our organisations strong, diverse and inclusive institutions.

MGA Executive Group would like to assure our LGBTIQ+ members, colleagues, allies and friends of our support during this time as the marriage equality debate continues around the nation. We encourage our members to exercise their democratic right to participate in the upcoming postal vote.

We also encourage our members to ensure their organisations are open and available, provide access to information, and continue to be safe and trustworthy spaces for all members of the community.

You can read more about LGBTIQ+ inclusion and action in the sector in our current Museums Galleries Australia Magazine.[1]

[1] Nikki Sullivan and Craig Middleton, ‘LGBTIQ inclusion and action’, Museums Galleries Australia Magazine, Vol.25 (2), Autumn-Winter 2017, pp. 37-39.

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