MGA Strategic Review 2017-2018 Report

This review was led by a specially formed council taskforce and carried out between June 2017 and May 2018. A variety of methods were used to research, consult and engage, particularly with members. Significant data has been collected which has been used to shape the recommendations.

Key findings are that while there is a high satisfaction rate (over 80%) of members with the organisation, there is an expectation and need that MGA does more for its members and is seen to do so. A number of suggestions (some contradictory) have been made, with the strongest priorities identified by members as advocacy, training and professional development, more advice, and a more accessible national conference.

Majority opinion on the name and brand of the organisation, expressed both by members and by stakeholders, is that “galleries” should be included in the name, but that the interim business name of Museums Galleries Australia needs revision to fix issues of brand confusion.

National Council also adopted the review taskforce recommendations to restructure the Corporate Strategic Plan for 2018-2020 to have four Focus Areas of: Individual & Organisational Members; Leadership, Representation & Advocacy; Sustainable & Resilient Organisation; and Partners, Stakeholders and Supporters.

Finally, Council adopted the next steps and timeframe (June- December 2018) outlined in the report, and, more immediately, agreed to report on progress at the Members’ Forum on 6th June.

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