MGA Submission to the National Arts and Disability Strategy

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As we stated in our original submission to the development of the first national arts and disability strategy, Museums Galleries Australia upholds the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, and supports the right of all people to participate freely and actively in the artistic and cultural life of the community. We agreed that this principle must be considered as a cornerstone of social inclusion. Moreover, the museums community had long recognised the need to take affirmative action on disability issues in order to act upon the broader social objectives that are now fundamental to museums’ self-definition.

Current research is revealing the deep value of arts, culture and heritage to society and the economy in increasing numbers of ways, including business innovation and health and wellbeing.
The national government has a leadership role in cultural, arts and heritage policies, programs and investment frameworks, which should also be recognised as part of Australia’s innovation, growth and social inclusion agendas.
The government’s updated arts and disability strategy needs to support more cross-governmental strategies and programs that enable all museums and galleries to provide the greatest possible access to and use/re-use of their content and programs, and thus contribute to a more equitable and thriving Australia.

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