Special General Meeting November 2018

The National Council of Museums Australia Inc. invites members to attend a Special General Meeting (SGM).

Date:                    Monday 26 November 2018
Time:                    5.00pm
Venue:                  Canberra Museum and Gallery, London Circuit, Canberra, ACT
Purpose:              The purpose of the meeting is to vote on adopting a new name


Agenda for the SGM

  1. Report from the President on activities and progress
  2. Proposed resolution as per below
  3. Other Business

Agenda Item 2: Resolutions of the National Council of Museums Australia Incorporated for the purposes of section 38 of the Associations Incorporation Act 1991

The Association wishes to change its name to Australian Museums and Galleries Association.

The Association resolves that:

  1. In accordance with section 38 of the Associations Incorporation Act 1991 the Association changes its name to Australian Museums and Galleries Association.
  2. The Public Officer is authorised to ensure that an application is made to the Registrar-General to change the name of the Association to Australian Museums and Galleries Association.


More Information

Click here for information on the proposal.

You can also read more in 'From the National Director' on page 10 of the current issue of Museums Galleries Australia Magazine, and in previous Your MGA e-Bulletins.



Under section 34 of the Constitution members have one vote, in person or by proxy, if:

  • Their membership is current, with no monies owing
  • They are an individual member, the designated representative of an organisation member or an honorary life member



For members who cannot attend the meeting but still wish to vote, a Proxy Form with instructions is available. If you have any trouble accessing the proxy form, please email stephanie.hamilton@museumsaustralia.org.au.


All qualifying members have the right to appoint a proxy. The proxy must:

  • Be eligible to vote (see above)
  • The proxy holder holds no more than 5 proxies
  • The proxy holder attends the Special General Meeting

Proxy forms may be handed to the Secretary, Carol Cartwright, no later than 4.00pm, Monday 26 November 2018, or can be sent by email to stephanie.hamilton@museumsaustralia.org.au by close of business Thursday 22 November 2018.